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Backflow prevention Central Coast

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BAS Plumbing and Drainage helps to keep the Central Coast's drinking water safe with the installation and servicing of backflow prevention devices.


What is backflow?

Backflow describes a situation in which potentially contaminated water flows in the opposite direction to that intended and enters the drinking water supply. Backflow is commonly caused by a drop in water supply pressure, creating a negative pressure in the water supply system. This allows contaminated water to be siphoned into the drinking water supply on the Central Coast via a cross-connection.


Backflow prevention devices

Backflow prevention devices are required to be installed on high or medium risk properties. These require testing at installation, after any maintenance or at least every 12 months by a licensed plumbing contractor who is permitted to test backflow prevention devices. Failure to maintain backflow prevention devices will result in the serving of a non-compliance notice to the property owner.


Regulations for Backflow Prevention

A continuing threat to the quality of the Central Coast's drinking water supply is the reverse flow of water from a property back through their internal water service connection. This water could be contaminated by the activities carried out at the property.

The Backflow Prevention Policy requires backflow prevention devices to be installed as close as possible to the water service connection at the boundary of a Central Coast property.


What Backflow Prevention is Required?

The Water Corporation determines the risk level of a property by its land use. The risk levels are rated as low, medium or high. Each risk level has a minimum requirement for the type of backflow prevention device to be installed.


BAS Plumbing and Drainage

Blake from BAS Plumbing and Drainage is a fully licensed plumber and is qualified to install, test, service and certify backflow prevention devices on the Central Coast. Blake logs your annual inspection requirement and will contact you when your service is due. And because Blake and his team offer a complete range of plumbing services, your annual service can be an ideal time to address any other plumbing needs, saving you time and an additional call out fee.


If you'd like more information about our full range of plumbing services and products on the Central Coast,
call Blake direct on 0459 925 253 or send an by filling out the blue form above.