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Hot water

There's nothing quite like having a nice hot shower to freshen you up for the day.


But hot water is something many of us take for granted.
What happens if you find yourself with no hot water?

Often a hot water system will go without warning so you have to get onto the problem straight away.
But these days there are so many to choose from. Do you go with solar, heat pump or just replace the electric system with another standard system?

A plumber will be able to talk with you about all your options. He will help guide you towards the best option for your circumstances.
With the cost of electricity these days, it's worth considering an energy efficient system. So ask about the energy efficiency of the different types of hot water systems. You may be able to find a hot water system that saves you hundreds of dollars in the long run.

It's also worth asking your plumber about environmentally friendly hot water systems.
You'll be surprised by how far technology has come and how there are some great environmentally friendly systems on the market. Like solar.
While this can be costly to install, it will reduce your energy expenses and is great for the environment. Great for your hip pocket and conscience.
If your plumber doesn't have all the information you are after, get online or on the phone and find as much information as you can about the product/s you are considering. Online reviews can be very helpful because if the system you are considering is unreliable and breaks down all the time, online reviews can bring this to your attention.

If you are after a hot water system it's also a good idea to talk with a number of tradesmen as well as supply stores as they may have some background information that will be helpful and save you a lot of angst in the long run!
Once you decide on a hot water system your plumber can usually organise the delivery and installation so you don't have to worry about a thing.
If he can't do it, the supplier of the hot water system can usually arrange this.



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