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Solar hot water

If you need a new hot water system, it's worth considering solar hot water.


Your plumber should be able to provide you with all the information you will need about the latest solar hot water technology.


So why choose a solar hot water system for your place?



1) It's cheaper heating.

Because solar water heaters use the free energy from the sun, your hot water is much cheaper, saving you hundreds of dollars a year on energy costs.


2) It's good for the environment.

Using the sun to heat your water means there are almost no carbon emissions produced. And because heating hot water is one of the main residential uses of energy, the impact on the environment is significantly reduced.


3) You'll have hot water all year round.

Even though your hot water is heated by the sun, it doesn't mean it has to be sunny every day. Solar hot water systems can be automatically topped up with electric heat like a regular water heater.


4) They are quality products.

Your chosen plumber will know the best brands around. These are from well respected companies and will have good warranties.

If you decide yo go with a solar hot water system, your plumber will be able to install it so that it works to its maximum capacity.
Plumbers can help you compare the advantages of solar hot water, and even assist with comparative quotes and estimates of energy savings for different types of hot water systems.

If your plumber doesn't have all the information you are after, do your own homework. Ask around. You may have friends who have installed a solar hot water system. Ask them about it and become well informed before making your final decision.
Get online and read as much as possible about the solar hot water products you are considering.
A plumber can give you so much information. The rest is up to you to equip yourself with as much knowledge about solar hot water so that your final decision is a good one.

Speak to a number of plumbers, as well as plumber supply stores. The better armed you are the better the final outcome.


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