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We repair, supply and install from our mobile showroom direct to you. Taps, Toilets, Hot Water Systems and Water Filters.


Owner Bruce Cooper has been a fully licensed plumber for more than 28 years and has been servicing Hornsby and the surrounding suburbs for more than 20 years. We are located in Hornsby so can have a plumber to your home or workplace in the surrounding area quickly.


But what makes us unique is our specialist services.
We specialise in PC items (taps, basins, baths, showers, toilets) and always carry a range of stock in our vans.

That way we can show you the various options available so you can make the best decision for your specific needs, fast and without the hassle.


So, what sets us apart?

• Mobile showroom

• One stop shop

• Product Availability
• Allocated appointment times - and we ring you before we go to the job
• No service call

• Complimentary home check


We provide services to both domestic and commercial customers so welcome any enquiry regarding your plumbing needs in your home or business, so if you need a plumber in Hornsby, we are the ones to call.


Our plumbing services in Hornsby include:

• Taps, toilets, hot water services, basins, water filters
• Maintenance - tap washers (Tap service)
• Cisterns, servicing (toilets)
• Hot water servicing
• Burst water pipes, leak detection and repairs
• Water filter servicing
• Roof leaks - repairs - flashing
• Downpipe replacement - repairs


Bruce is the professional plumber Hornsby relies on to get the job done effectively, efficiently and for a fair price. And your satisfaction is guaranteed.


He prides himself on responding promptly to your call, providing quality workmanship and making the job of calling a plumber in Hornsby as easy as possible.


Call us for an appointment on 1300 827 000 or you can also send us an email by filling out the form above.