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Dripping tap - is it driving you mad?

Dripping tap - what to do about it.

There's nothing worse than hearing a dripping tap.

Especially in the middle of the night when all is quiet. Just as you start to doze off - drip, drip, drip. It can be so annoying and frustrating.
And according to Sydney Water, one dripping tap can waste more than 2,000 litres of water a month.


But what can you do about it?


Well firstly it's important to know what's causing the dripping tap in the first place.
A dripping tap is usually caused by a worn out washer.


With most water authorities, only licensed plumbers can legally work on water infrastructure - and that includes all fittings and fixtures inside the home - and includes a dripping tap!

So you need to get a plumber to check it out and if the washer needs replacing, your local plumber can fix it easily and inexpensively.

In the meantime, while you are waiting for the dripping tap to be fixed, try these following tips so that you can be assured of a good night's sleep without the incessant drip, drip, drip.

1) Turn the tap off a bit harder than you would normally have to but not too hard so it breaks.

2) Put a sponge or cloth in a bucket underneath the drip. This should absorb the dripping sound while also collecting the dripping water which can be used on the garden or to wash the car. For more advice on conserving water go to our guide "Conserve Water".

3) Try moving the spout so that the water drips straight into the sinkhole. That way the drip doesn't hit the sink but goes silently down plug hole.



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