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How to advertise your plumbing business online



Confused about how to advertise your plumbing business?

You're not alone! The internet has turned small business marketing upside down.
Let's face it, the days of Yellow Pages and newspaper advertising are just about dead and buried.

Without doubt, it is now all about online and in particular, Google.
Google is so huge, it has become a verb. How do you find stuff? You "Google" it.


Your business needs to get found in Google - but how?


First of all - you MUST get a good quality website

Your website should be the central figure in your advertising.

Everything should point to your website, including any online advertising, and your vehicle signwriting, business cards and fridge magnets should display your web address.


Anyone looking for a trade or service is very likely to check you out first by visiting your website.

So make sure it is a good one!


The team at Ontime Plumber create top quality searchable websites from just $495.


Get your business mobile

More and more people search for trades and services using their smartphone, so you need to make sure that your website is mobile friendly.

You need to get a mobile specific site, which is much easier to navigate on a smart phone, and contacting you is much simpler.


Get your business found in Google

Getting found in Google is getting tougher all the time.

With only 10 organic listings on page one of Google, the competition is fierce.

So how do you get your business to rank well?

The art of getting strong rankings is called Search Engine Optimisation, or SEO for short.

It's critical that your website is built to be search engine friendly so it can be copied for key search terms, like "Plumber Smithtown".


We offer other options too, including Adwords campaigns and our Found Local web pages.


Old school advertising...

Even though the internet plays a huge roll in today's advertising world, I'm still a big fan of traditional methods of advertising.

The humble fridge magnet is a great way of getting repeat work - which is just gold to your business.

So every time you complete a job, hand over a fridge magnet!

And if things get quiet, do a letterbox drop.

Get some decent looking leaflets made up at your local print shop and either walk up and down the street after each job, or pay someone young and fit to do it for you! This still works!


Look professional, be professional

Even though we specialise in online marketing, we encourage all of our clients to remember the very basics of small business.

Be punctual, do a good job, don't rip people off, speak professionally, keep the work place tidy, BE NICE!

Advertising can obviously help get new clients, but the best thing you can do is get repeat business and referral work.

Remember, the best advertisement for your plumbing business is you!


About the author

Chris Hatcher has more than 30 years experience in small business marketing and is the founder of Ontime Media - a specialist marketing company for professional trades. If you need help to advertise your plumbing business, call us on 1300 846 221 or click here.


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