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The Association of Hydraulic Services Consultants Australia Inc.


The AHSCA is an industry association representing consultants and designers engaged in the design, specification and inspection of hydraulic and fire protection systems including hot and cold water plumbing, sanitary and trade waste drainage, stormwater drainage, fire and gas services.


The Association provides a forum that facilitates ideas and solutions, as well as the resolution of problems affecting the hydraulic, fire protection and plumbing industries.

The AHSCA assists members with the promotion and development of their consulting businesses and their individual careers.

AHSCA members are welcomed as influential participants in the creation of national standards and are provided access to industry leaders and employment opportunities.

The AHSCA provides a representative voice on issues of significance in the hydraulics industry. We also offer industry news items and hydraulic engineering and fire protection events.


Joining the AHSCA

The AHSCA are continually working to create more value for members. The AHSCA membership and professional development program ensures you are recognised as a fully trained and skilled industry specialist. Our advocacy and lobbying efforts strive to achieve best practice within thehydraulics and plumbing industries, and our education program, seminars and conferences enable you to expand your knowledge and build your network.


Rewards of Membership

As a member of the AHSCA, you will enjoy many benefits including:

• An opportunity to network with other consultants and technicians.
• To increase your expertise, through training, industry events and workshops.
• Inclusion on CPD and accreditation register, giving recognition which is highly regarded by architects, developers and public authorities.
• Access to employment Opportunities within thehydraulics and plumbing industry.
• Representation in the government, community and relevant industries.
• To participate in an Forums and open debate on technical and professional matters.
• Be informed of new products, technology, events and regulation changes.
• Affiliate members have the opportunity to display products to industry associates and businesses.
• Access to recommended fee scales and levels of professional service, ethics and conduct.


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