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ATO to keep an eye on plumbers

According to the Australian Taxation Office, certain occupations, including plumbers will be under their watchful eye in regards to work related claims.



The tax commissioner Michael D'Ascenzo said "by openly setting out our focus areas for the year ahead, we want to encourage people to make the right decisions."

The ATO wants to make sure that people recognise, reject and report tax avoidance schemes, as well as putting a stop on false claims.

"We check over 600 million transactions a year," the commissioner said.

"This means that we can detect those who do not report all their income from things like dividends and interest, capital gains, and foreign income."

Last more than 109,000 incorrect or fraudulant tax returns were stopped, saving nearly $200 million in revenue.

The construction industry will be under the microscope this year in regard to contractor arrangements.

Other industries under scrutiny include hospitality, real estate agencies, and carpentry businesses in home building and construction.


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