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Reece enhances online presence

Reece has recently expanded their online presence and created new tools to make it easier to do business.

As you know, a big part of business today is done online -and even plumbers can benefis from having the right web based tools.



Online Ordering

A new innovation is My Account - Reece's management system designed to help Plumbers work more efficiently. Online Ordering is a neww addition to the online service and has proven very popular, with great feedback from plumbers.

Other recent improvements include:

• Ability to turn a quote created in My Quotes into an order
• More options to manage privileges for different employees
• Storing of previous site addresses and contact information in online orders
• Increased automatic log out time

Hot Water Decisions Guide Mobile Version

Reece has also released a mobile version of their Hot Water Decisions Guide.

Smart phones have become an essential tool for plumbers - as is the need get information quickly.

Some of the key advantages are:
• You can quickly select the best unit for your customer
• Gives you the tech specs on the unit
• Compares units based on purchase price, CO2 emissions, running costs etc.


Product Searching made easier

Reece has also enhanced product searching on their website, including:
• Easier to find VAP products
• Pproducts comparison so you can find the right product for the job
• Access to tech specs, warranty information, videos, installation guidelines and brochures


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