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Baytak Hot Water Supports



baytack hot water support

Baytak Hot Water Supports provide a safe base for electric hot water heaters allowing free circulation between the base of the heater and the surface on which it's installed. They can be installed on paths, safe trays and floors and allows the required minimum of 50 – 60% support and 50 – 40% air space.


The Baytak Hot Water Support has been designed to meet Australian Standards and the benefits are:
• Won't break under the weight of any hot water system
• Quality Assured Manufacturer – suitable for internal and external use
• Manufacturing Hot Water Supports for 15 Years
• Come in three sizes (630mm – 520mm – 410mm) to suit all Hot Water Systems
• Reduces corrosion caused by moisture and reduces the chance of water contamination.
• Does not stain the surface it's installed on and is not affected by white ants.


baytack squareBaytak Square Hot Water Base

Baytak Square Hot Water Base eliminates the need for a concrete slab. They are installed under the heater and incorporate a 12mm Upper Support so doesn't require a Hot Water Support beneath the heater.
The Baytak Base allows free circulation of air between the base of the heater and surface on which it's installed and allows for the required minimum of 50–60% support and 50–40% air space.
It comes in two sizes - large 660mm and medium 550mm.
It's lightweight, durable and stable and eliminates pooling of water. It meets Australian Standards and has been manufactured by Baytak for the past 15 years.


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