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Polyslab Pizza Base

The Polyslab Pizza Base is a hot water system support base with a unique "one size fits all" design. The Pizza Base comes in 410mm, 520mm and 650mm diameters in a single product. Its revolutionary "snap-away" design means installers can snap away outer rings of the base to create the required size.

The convenience of the one size fits all design means that suppliers and plumbers stock and carry only the on product for any sized Hot Water System.

The bases are constructed from an extremely durable UV stabilised co-polymer material and are lightweight. They are very robust with a 1000 kg load rating - accommodating any hot water system on today's market.

The Pizza Bases can use a variety of supporting surfaces, including Evo-Crete, cement pathways, and are well suited to safe-tray applications.

The Pizza Bases meet the HWS installation standard ASNZ3500 - in particular the airflow, support ratio and anti corrosion specifications.


Polyslab Hot Water System Bases

Polyslab Hot Water System Bases are a robust yet lightweight alternative for hot water system bases.

They are available in 2 colours and are flameproof.

The bases are very simple to install because of their light weight. They are available in two sizes and are rated to 550 kilograms.

Polyslab Hot Water System Bases are UV resistant and are guaranteed to outlast the Hot Water Systems they support.


Evo-Crete Hot Water System Bases

Evo-Crete Hot Water System Bases are manufactured from ultra lightweight cellular concrete which is three times lighter than regular concrete. Evo-Crete uses a blend of polyolefin fibres to provide exceptional strength to weight ratios.

Evo-Crete is user friendly and can be shaped and modified with standard hand or power tools.

Attaching and fixing is made easy, with self tappers for most applications and dyna bolts for heavy duty applications. Specialist Evo-Crete fixtures are also available.


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