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Walraven Clips and Pipe Supports



BIS starQuick® Clips

starQuick® clips are a quick and simple alternative for plumbers to traditional stand off brackets and clip heads. With starQuick® clips, you only need one fixing screw and the pipe simply clicks into place with no tools required - making it simple and saving you time.


BIS Rubber Lined Clips

BISMAT® and BIS Bifix® rubber lined clips feature a patented locking system for quick and easy installation of copper, PVC, poly & steel piping. The clips can be used in wall, floor or ceilings and also with the BIS RapidRail® and BIS RapidStrut® channels.


BIS RapidRail®

BIS RapidRail® is the right choice for all light to medium duty rail applications and can save on project costs where a heavier rail is not required. BIS RapidRail® is available in two metre lengths and features a wide range of accessories that are pre-assembled saving plumbers up up to 40% on installation time.


BIS RapidStrut®

BIS RapidStrut® is a rail system suited to all medium and heavy duty rail applications.The system features a range of accessories that are pre-assembled to save up to 40% on installation time.


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