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RotaLoo Composting Toilets

More than 20% of household water is flushed down the toilet.

ROTA-LOO composting toilets don't require any water at all!


RotaLoo Composting Toilets:

• Save water
• Don't need water to flush
• Are odourless
• Need minimul maintenance


The modern RotaLoo composting toilet does not use any water to treat human waste. There are no odours in the toilet room in fact there is none even when in use... unlike a flush toilet! Rainfall in WA has decreased 25% in the last 20 years and the supply cost from the Water Authority have doubled and is expected to rise incrementally regularly as population increases. If you rely on a water tank for your water supply then flush and forget is not a long term serious option. The RotaLoo is! RotaLoo's are easy to install in any type of building, they require very little maintenance and they are fully approved for use in all Australian States.


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