ISSUE 13 - Jan-Feb 2015


• The Art of Bath

• What about a bidet?

• New Mixer Tap

• Tap Bonnet Cleaner


• World Plumbing Day

• Queensland Awards

• Safety Warning

• WA Master Plumbers


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Tap Bonnet Cleaner

As you would know, tap bonnets can become hard to use due to dissolved soaps and grit that find their way into the housing.


Now there's a new tool to help clean the tap bonnet and get the job done a lot quicker.


The DoustClean has four flutes, giving you plenty of cutting power to enable you to clean the dirtiest of tap bonnets.

An Australian design, it is also manufactured in Australia.


The DoustClean tap bonnet cleaner is rust proof and durable so can sit in your tool kit until needed.

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