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Solar power is growing in popularity as more and more of us try to reduce our energy bills and also our impact on the environment. This is why it's a good idea for plumbers to get on board and be the local plumber your customers can turn to for information on solar products.


The Apricus ‘Solar Ready Tanks’ (SRT) were introduced to the market early this year and are an innovative hot water product designed to provide a flexible and cost effective way for consumers to go solar.
The added benefit for plumbers is that SRTs can also help grow your plumbing business and increase customer loyalty.

And while the response from plumbers has been extremely positive, many are still confused about the features and benefits of an SRT over a standard electric hot water system.


So understanding the SRT is the key to using the product to deliver more for your business.


What do you know?
•    10 year warranty 
•    Vitreous enamel (glass lined) construction 
•    Standard 3.6kw electric element 
•    Electric hot water system 


What you need to know.
When a customers' hot water system breaks down and they enquire about solar, you need to be armed with all the information to help them make an informed choice. They want solar but can't afford it and this is where the SRT comes into play.

•  The SRT allows them to get hot water now, and upgrade to solar when they can afford it. 
•  The tank does not become obsolete when they do decide to go solar as you simply add the pump station and solar collector. 
•  If the customer decides to upgrade to solar within 60 days, they still qualify for the solar rebates (where applicable). 
•  When the consumer decides to go solar you will be the first person they think of which will lead to repeat business and customer loyalty. So do a great job and have a customer for life!


For more about the Apricus Solar Ready Tank, ask your local plumbing supplier or Contact Apricus Australia on 1300 277 428.


Have you installed solar ready tanks?

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