ISSUE 19 - Jan/Feb 2016



• What's new in solar?

• Like standing in the rain

• Ute canopies

• Rust proof cover plates

• Clever bathroom idea

• Prevent water damage


• Apprentice grants

• Why use aussie made

• Gas rebates

• Legionella reporting

• Plumbing review

• World plumbing day


• This month's joke






At 64, former shearer Julyan Sumner isn't the typecast apprentice plumber.


Nevertheless, the Western Australian, who will qualify as a plumber at age 68, has won a Rheem Apprentice Plumber Grant worth $1000.


Julyan made the decision to be a plumber mainly due to financial pressures, but says he’s humble, excited and proud to be an apprentice at his age and thoroughly enjoys his job.


Also among the 25 2015 winners is 18-year-old Megan Barnes from Victoria.

She grew up on a farm learning to connect pipes and work the property’s pumps and windmills and says "it’s hard to be accepted by other tradespeople as a female in a male-dominated trade. The physical side of the job can be challenging sometimes too, but I am overcoming this issue with determination and thought.”


Launched in 2012, the program has helped 150 apprentice plumbers.

So how does Rheem choose the winners? It looks for apprentices who've shown generosity within the community or a strong determination to succeed.


“We had a number of applicants with fantastic community spirit, plus some mature age apprentices who kept their heads up despite being made redundant a number of times, a number who have young families to provide for, and plenty of youngsters who have made big sacrifices to better themselves for the long term,” says Jon Palfrey Training Manager.

For more information about the Apprentice Plumber Grant program or to see the full list of 2015 winners go to