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This beer tastes like *$%*!

Sewage Brewage

Fancy a beer?

What if it was made from sewer water?

It's something that Clean Water Services in Portland USA has been looking into.

The water resources management utility ran a "Pure Water Brew" competition last year, to look into brewing beer with treated wastewater.


CWS and Oregon Brew Crew received an “Innovations” award for advancing the concept of potable reuse through this competition.

Currently the state of Oregon wouldn’t allow anyone to drink it.

Mark Jockers, from the Environmental Quality Commission told KGW News:

"The water that comes from the high purity water system is the cleanest water on the planet…..what we're really trying to do ….is start a conversation about the nature of water, and there's no better way to start a conversation then over beer."


Using treated wastewater as drinking water is something being considered around the world as more and more pressure is placed on this valuable resource.