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Australia's Worst DIY Plumbing Disaster Unveiled

While plumbing disasters can appear funny at first, thousands of people around Australia are hospitalised each year from DIY injuries.


Reece held a DIY Disasters Competition 2014 and recently announced the winners.


The winning entry was a home made heating device installed by the 98 year old home owner to heat his bath.

The contraption was made from an element connected to a plank of timber in the bath that would take 1 hour and 45 minutes to heat the water.


South Australian plumber Matthew Logmans picked up the $5000 prize with this winning entry.


Second place was a hot water system with electrical connections in direct contact with a leaking tap and splashing bath water, submitted by NSW-based Manuel Benkovic.


Third place was a cooktop regulator installed back to front, with a plastic bag used in place of a sealant, entered by Brett Matthews from NSW.