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Help Your Customers Keep Cool this Summer

As the temperature rises over Summer, it's important to help keep your customers cool as economically as possible.


So when called to a job, it's a real asset and great customer service to offer a check of the air conditioning unit to ensure it is running as well as it should so it is cost effective and won't break down when needed most (of course only if you are qualified to do so).


Here are a few checks you can do:

Firstly, turn the power off and removing the plug.

• Are all the airways clear of debris, like leaves and sticks? Check the fans, condenser coils, ducts and inlets.

• Clean the condenser coils by removing the grill on the unit and the panels on the condenser. Beware of pulling wires that are attached to the fan.

• Check the coolant lines and if the insulation is frayed or missing it will need to be replaced.

• Wash re-useable filters or replace disposable filters to ensure the air is clean to breathe and there’s less wear and tear on the fan motor.

• Check the ducts to ensure they aren't torn or worn. A small repair can save dollars in energy costs and degrees in temperature.

• Test the unit by turning off the thermostat before you turn the power on.

If you are not a qualified air conditioning installer, or for any repairs or replacement, you could contact the local air conditioning installer.