ISSUE 6 - oct/nov 2013

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Combining Forces


• Mobile websites

• Bad debt online registry

• New Grateseal 'stubby'


• Changes to apprenticeship NSW

• Solar on a grand scale!

• Hunts heating partnership

• New 'iPlumbSafe' mobile app for Plumbers


• Work Safe Month


The Ultimate Website

When Spam is not ham


What we've been up to


This month's joke




Bad debt online registry

Do you have bad debts and slow payers? is an online business to business data base designed to allow small business people and contractors to retrieve unpaid bills and invoices and check on the payment practices of businesses they may be about to work for.


The website enables members to recoup money owing to them without costly and time consuming legal action.

Utilizing an interactive data base users are able to list their late payers. then informs the late payers that they will be listed as a Late Payer on the database should they not pay their outstanding invoice within seven days.

If prompt payment of outstanding invoices is not made then those businesses are listed and all of our members are informed as to the listing of the Late Payer.


The register then allows all members to be informed as to who does and does not pay their bills as well as allowing businesses to search our data base BEFORE beginning a business transaction to insure that they are dealing with honourable people.


The registry is business to business only and does not apply to consumers.


For more information, visit

Have you had bad experiences with slow payers?

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