ISSUE 17 - Sept/Oct 2015



• Heat Exchangers

• Toilet Macerator

• Bosch Water Heater

• Pressure Testing Unit

• Body Spray


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• Australian Standards

• Warning for Roofers


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REMS Flushing and Pressure Testing Unit

REMS Multi-Push has more than 10 programs for flushing and pressure testing with compressed air or water.


Features include:

• Simple menu-guided operation in 26 languages.
• Permanent process monitoring.
• Logging.
• USB interface.
• Universal use
• Electronic flushing & pressure testing
• Oil-free compressor with capacitor motor 230 V, 1,500 W.
• Compact and portable


The device flushes with water or a water/air mixture to disinfect, clean and preserve pipe systems.

It also does pressure and leak testing of pipe systems and vessels with compressed air or water.


For example:

• Drinking water installations.
• Radiators or area heating systems.


And it can work as a pneumatic pump for controlled filling of all types of vessels with compressed air like tyres or pneumatic tools.


It also has:

• Measuring and control devices for automatically running the flushing and test programs and for documenting results.
• Safety devices for avoiding contamination of the pipe network by flow-back.
• Overpressure valves for pressure limiting.
• 5 μm condensation and particle filters.
• Large tubular steel frame as a compressed air tank.
• Connecting cable with integrated personal protection switch (PRCD).
• Captive seals for inputs and outputs to avoid contamination during transport and storage.
• Pressure gauge.
• Emergency stop button.


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