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125 years in the game!

We profile the longest established plumbing business in Australia.

Lawson Brothers Plumbing is a name that has been recognised in the plumbing industry in Sydney for decades.


The business was originally started by Alfred Lawson in 1878 - trading as A. Lawson. Alfred had 3 sons and they all became plumbers.


Alfred and John (two of Alfred's sons) worked with their father until his death in 1917. They then set up a partnership under the current name - Lawson Bros.


With the advent of World War One - Alfred went to fight in Europe, while John had a dispensation to operate the business.


When Alfred returned, he worked with John until 1931.

They decided to go their separate ways, but Alfred continued the business.

Alfred had two sons - Bruce and Colin and they too became plumbers.


Bruce and Colin worked with their father until he passed away in 1951.

They set up a new partnership and named it Lawson Bros.


Bruce had two sons, John who became a civil engineer and Peter who became a certified plumber, drainer and gas fitter.


In 1985 John and Peter bought the business from Bruce and Colin and are still operating today - as Lawson Bros. Pty. Limited.


From the very beginning - in 1878 - Lawson Bros Plumbing has been based in Alexandria in Sydney.


Without doubt, Lawson Bros have earnt a reputation as one of the most trusted and reliable plumbing companies in Sydney. And certainly the longest running!



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