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Getting found in Google

Our Ontime Plumber web pages are a cost effective way of getting your business found online. Here's how it all works.


As more and more searching is done online, it is getting increasingly difficult to get found in Google. Some of the bigger plumbing companies in capital cities spend tens of thousands of dollars in advertising. So how can smaller companies compete?


Our Ontime Plumber web pages are a very effective way of getting found in Google - for very little cost.


• Very strong rankings in Google

• Low cost - from $199 per year

• Only one Plumber per suburb

• FREE SEO copywriting included

• Makes your business look professional

• Just 5 minutes on the phone - we do the rest.


How it works.

To see one of our web pages, click here.


Better still, check us out in Google.

Type in "Plumber Waitara" and you will see the 1st search result (under the ads) is one of our Ontime Plumber web pages:


Clcik on the listing and it goes straight to our client's web page.


Here is a video to show you how it works...





What sets apart from the rest is that we only ever have one plumber per suburb.

And we have designed our web pages so they look and function like a normal website.

There is no hint that the we page is part of a huge, industry focused website.

So you get great results in Google - and the web pages look like your own site.


First in best dressed

The best part of what we do is having only one plumber per suburb.

But it means that many plumbers miss out.

We launched in Sydney and Sydney is pretty much full.

(Call us to find out any available suburbs).

We are now creating web pages in Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth and Adelaide, so if you want to get hold of your suburb, get in quick!


For more info, click here.

Or call us any time on 1300 846 221.


For more marketing articles, click here...



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