ISSUE 10 - jun/jul/aug 2014


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New Mildred Valve

Watermark approved electronic automated safety control valve for internally installed hot water systems.

Engineered in Australia to meet the requirements of AS/NZS
3500.4:2003 and ATS 5200.476, the Plumbspec Mildred Valve®
joins the Evolve Group's portfolio of plumbing product solutions.

Like all Evolve products, the Plumbspec Mildred Valve® has been designed with the Plumber in mind, offering unique and innovative design characteristics making it simpler and faster to install. The cutaway on the valve housing allows greater accessibility for tooling and the male-to-male valve and supplied olive fittings permits the Plumber to use their own preferred choice of fitting during installation. The Plumbspec Mildred Valve® has been designed to be installed in accordance with AS/ NZS 3500.4:2003.


Features include:

Valve can be installed either vertically or horizontally
• Battery operated - does not require connection to mains power
• Contains visual and audible alarms that alerts users to multiple trip modes
• Uses a robust and reliable contact based sensor trip mechanism
• Can be installed up to 600mm from the base of the safe tray making it less troublesome for the plumber and more accessible for the end user
• Low maintenance - only required to check unit and batteries every 12 months