ISSUE 10 - jun/jul/aug 2014


• Annual Wage Review


• New Mildred Valve

• Back in black

• Dual Pex Clip

• Ningi Reflux Valves

• Floor waste system

• Bariatric Products


• New Web App

• QLD Plumbing Awards

• Unsecured cookers

• Building regs reform

• Apprenticeship Grants


• What we've been up to

• Page 1 or its free!


• This month's joke




What's new at Ontime Plumber...

We've been very busy in development mode in the past couple of months.
So busy that we are running late with this edition of our magazine.
What is usually bi-monthly stretched out to three months this time!

The development work is mainly back end techo stuff, but a new site structure will be rolled out in the next couple of months - stay tuned!


Our $990 websites for plumbers are still proving to be very popular - and more plumbers are getting their businesses online every week.


And our 'Found Local' web pages are still firing.
As we only ever have one plumber per area, Sydney is just about full.
But there are still opportunities in other capital cities.

Give us a call to see if your local area is still available.
Our 'Found Local' web pages are a fantastic way of getting your business found online in your local area - for just $199 per year.