ISSUE 10 - jun/jul/aug 2014


• Annual Wage Review


• New Mildred Valve

• Back in black

• Dual Pex Clip

• Ningi Reflux Valves

• Floor waste system

• Bariatric Products


• New Web App

• QLD Plumbing Awards

• Unsecured cookers

• Building regs reform

• Apprenticeship Grants


• What we've been up to

• Page 1 or its free!


• This month's joke




Page one or its free!

We know the importance of being on page one of Google.


So much so that if your Found Local web page is not on page one of Google for your key search term (eg: "Plumber Smithville") you get to keep the page for free for 12 months.
That's right, if it's not on page one, it's free!


This means that it's in our interest as much as yours to get high rankings for your business in your local area.


So if you haven't already claimed your local suburb or region, call us on 1300 846 221
and we can explain how our 'Found Local' web pages can get your business online affordably and effectively.