ISSUE 9 - april/may 2014


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• New Jetter

• Uni-Orbital Connector

• Plumb Guard


• Carbon Monoxide

• Lucky Escape

• Alternative Plumbing

• License Fines

• New Qld Legislation

• Qld Plumbing Awards

• Apprenticeship changes

• Backflow Prevention

• Plumbing Roadshow

• Upskilling


• What we've been up to



This month's joke




Changes to apprenticeships in NSW

Thinking of putting on an apprentice?


Then you need to be aware of changes to apprenticeship training in NSW.

Master Plumbers NSW is offering support services to help the industry better employ a higher quality of apprentice.


MPA NSW can help you recruit, negotiate and provide training (in Sydney only), monitor training, help gather workplace evidence, sign off the training plan and set out a future apprentice training program.

Master Plumbers Apprentices Limited says it has over a 90% completion rate for employed apprentices because of its selection process and ongoing monitoring and helping with knowledge and skills development gaps.


MPA will help you comply with all the new requirements to ensure apprentices complete their apprenticeship with the knowledge and skills expected of them.


From the beginning of “Smart and Skilled” in January 2015, the selection of an RTO (Registered Training Organisation) is at the discretion of the employer and apprentice.

Soon funding for apprentice training will follow the apprenticeship, allowing the employer to negotiate a training plan to suit their own arrangements and to use the RTO of their choice.


For more about apprentice support go to:'s_New/post/mpa-member---apprenticeship-support-service/