ISSUE 9 - april/may 2014


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• New Jetter

• Uni-Orbital Connector

• Plumb Guard


• Carbon Monoxide

• Lucky Escape

• Alternative Plumbing

• License Fines

• New Qld Legislation

• Qld Plumbing Awards

• Apprenticeship changes

• Backflow Prevention

• Plumbing Roadshow

• Upskilling


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Plumb Guard


It is critical to always maintain the safest work practices so at the end of the day you get to go home to your loved ones.


Plumb Guard is designed to detect potentially dangerous voltages that can be caused by bad or missing earth points and leaky mains wiring or if an under road borer drills through any power cables.

The unit has two large clamps and one earth stake.

The clamps attach to the metal water pipe and should be placed each side of the cut to be made.

The earth stake is hammered into a good earth point.


The leads between the clamps and the unit are five metres long as is the earth stake lead.

Once the unit is self tested and attached to the pipe or under road borer, if the voltage on the clamps rises above 6V from the earth point it will sound a loud alarm with bright flashing lights until it is turned off.


The Plumb Guard unit comes in a waterproof case so can be used in wet weather.

It is powered by a rechargeable battery and comes with an AC 240V charger with the option of a 12 VDC car charger.


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