ISSUE 9 - april/may 2014


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jetterNew Jetter

When it comes to flushing and clearing drains, it is important to keep up with the latest products that could make your life a whole lot easier.


With this in mind, Kerrick has just launched the Kerrick Jetter Range.

It is made in Australia to meet the high standards of professional plumbers, contractors and end users in the sewer/drain cleaning industries.

The units come with a fixed or portable mini hose reel with shut off valve, 60m of 1/4“ jet snake hose and a selection of drain/sewer nozzles for cutting, unblocking and pushing up drain pipes.


They are manufactured using high quality components built to withstand harsh environments and heavy usage.

The products consist of a GX Honda engine with an Italian low speed pump on a heavy duty hot dipped galvanised frame.


This allows you to select the pressure and flows that suit your needs.


There is also a wide range of accessories including:

• Inspection cameras
• Range of drain nozzles (sewer flush, ball, penetrator, bandit, reverse turbo, stoneage warthogs and more)
• 1/4, 3/8, 1/2 sewer hoses at any length
• Quick release fittings


Kerrick also offers a range of mobile Jetters that operate up to 5000 psi and 40 litres+ per minute.

The company can also build units to a customer's specifications - whether it's a larger skid-mounted, trailer-mounted, truck or ute mounted unit.


For more information about this product range visit or stop by your local Kerrick branch.