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National Construction Code Changes

Are you aware that changes are being made to the National Construction Code (NCC)?

So as a plumber you will need to know how this will effect your work practices.

The Australian Building Codes Board is a Council of Australian Government standards writing body that is responsible for the NCC, which comprises the Building and Plumbing Codes of Australia. It is a joint initiative of all three levels of government in Australia.

The impending NCC changes take effect on 1st May 2014.


For 2014, two key changes have been made to better harmonise the PCA within the NCC in the most significant revision of the Plumbing Code in 10 years.

Firstly, the heated water energy efficiency provisions have been consolidated into the PCA to enable all the relevant provisions to be accessed in the one place.

Also, a new ‘Part A4’ will define, consistent with similar parts of the BCA, the building classifications already referred to in some parts of the PCA.


Changes to NCC 2014 will also be addressed in detail at the 2014 NCC Information Awareness Seminars in capital cities throughout February and March, and via a free webcast which will be available on the ABCB website in late April -

Or click here to see the "List of Amendments to the Plumbing Code of Australia 2014 - NCC Volume Three."


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