ISSUE 8 - feb/march 2014

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• Seesnake

• Easy Chamfer

• Need a stubby?

• Tracing Smoke

• Overflow Relief Gullies


• World Plumbing Day

• Construction Code Changes

• MPAQ Events for 2014

• Top End Health Alert

• Plumbing and gas installation standards

• 2014 Plumbing Supply Forum

• Type A Gas Training

• Queensland water supply concerns

• Economic Outlook for Plumbers


• What we've been up to

• Available web pages


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Type A Gas Training in Queensland

Master Plumbers are now delivering gas training to plumbers across Queensland.

Learn how to…
• Diagnose and rectify faults whilst servicing and commissioning Type A gas appliances and their components
• Conduct leak testing procedures
• Test and commission appliances in the workplace.

Why do this course with MPAQ?
• Get hands on practical training from actual experienced plumbers/gas fitters
• Learn new skills using our one of a kind training facility that comes to your local area
• Participants may be eligible for a subsidy to help cover the cost of the course (conditions apply).

Who can do the course?
• Interim Gas Licence holders
This unit is only one of the four competencies required to gain a full gas work licence
• Full gas licence holders who are interested in a refresher course.


Visit or call 3273 0800 for details.


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