ISSUE 8 - feb/march 2014

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Plumbing and gas installation standards

Want more information about plumbing and gas installation standards?


The Plumbing Industry Association of South Australia is holding a 2014 Plumbing and Gas Roadshow throughout March, April, May and June.
All licensed plumbers and gasfitters are invited to register.


It will include a discussion on the Plumbing & Drainage Standard AS/NZS 3500, fire service installations, backflow prevention, recycled water, revised water heater installation requirements, materials and products certification, plumbing compliance issues and common problems with plumbing installations.


There will also be an introduction of the new edition of the Gas Installation Standard AS/NZS 5601, incident, accident and product recalls and the Office of the Technical Regulator's (OTR's) regular feedback on field audits and gas related incidents.


For more information call 8292 4000 or email


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