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Beware of Asbestos!

The Master Plumbers Association is reminding tradespeople to beware of asbestos that can still be found in many buildings built in Australia before the 1980s.


If not handled correctly, and the fibres become airborne, you could potentially contract asbestosis or mesothelioma.

An important factor for Plumbers to be aware of is that most standard public liability policies in Australia have limited or no cover for asbestos.


So while you may be licensed and/or trained to undertake asbestos work, you may not be adequately insured.

Any Asbestos Containing Material (ACM) removal should not proceed without the relevant insurance cover and appropriate accreditation and qualifications.


If, for example, a plumber causes a piece of asbestos to fall from a roof and it hits a car below, many standard liability policies will not cover the damage.

Or, if the liability insurance of the plumber does not cover asbestos-related issues, then any decontamination costs will most likely have to be recovered from the plumber.


So don't risk it. Always check the building material before you start working with it and if you do discover asbestos make sure you use the correct safety equipment to ensure maximum protection for you, your employees and anyone else on site.


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