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Polysmart becomes NATA accredited.

Polysmart Pty Ltd is a leading Australian polyethylene (PE) welding training organisation and ISO weld testing facility.


It has just received official accreditation from the National Association of Testing Authorities (NATA) for tensile testing of butt fusion and electrofusion polyethylene welded joints.


This makes Polysmart accredited for:

• tensile tests on polyethylene welded product according to ISO 13953
• bend tests to ISO 21751
• peel decohesion tests on pipe and related products including pipe fittings to ISO 13954.


To gain NATA recognition, the Polysmart laboratory must meet a very stringent set of protocols, including processes and reporting activities that are among the best practices in the world.


Polysmart’s John Hambridge:
“Clients…..need to have confidence that the welds joining the pipe delivering gas or water are completely safe and free of defects….Polysmart’s NATA accredited testing can assist with this by determining if weld standards have been met.”


For information visit or phone 1300 367 659.