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Are you ready for the storm season?

With the warmer weather comes the storm season.


And as a plumber this is a good time to help get your customers’ homes or workplaces ready for the inevitable strong winds and heavy rain that hit at this time of year.


Master Plumbers’ Association of Queensland (MPAQ) MPAQ President Kelvin Slade says,
"While many home owners and businesses think ahead about power dangers, they remain oblivious to the real dangers that lurk with basic plumbing. Now is the time that we all need to think ahead and not just assume that everything will be OK.”


Following is a basic checklist you can do for your customers to help prevent a lot of headaches and expense down the track.

• Clear gutters
• Check for roof and gutter leaks
• Clear debris and articles away from storm water drainage points
• Clear water runoff areas
• Check durability of rain water tanks and tank guards


It is also the season for mosquito breeding and plumbers are advised to check the condition of their customers’ tank guards, especially if the tank is more than 4 years old, because mozzies can carry nasty diseases like Ross River Fever.


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