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We offer emergency pipe relining in Rushcutters Bay and the surrounding district because we understand that when there’s a problem it needs immediate attention.


Platinum Pipe Relining



Understanding how pipe relining works will convince you it is the right solution when it comes to serious underground fixes in Rushcutters Bay.


That’s because it is non-intrusive and totally eliminates the need for excavators that cause damage to gardens, driveways and the like.


Not everyone is trained or has the right equipment to be able to offer pipe relining in Rushcutters Bay so it’s imperative that you ask this of the company you call out to check the problem, in case there’s serious damage found.


Fixing underground problems is a specialty of ours and we have a closed circuit television camera that can go into the problem pipe and show us vision on a screen. This totally reduces the guesswork and allows us to recommend the best solution based on evidence and not guesswork.

So when we find the blockage we can dislodge it if possible using a jetter. This forces a strong stream of water into the affected area to flush it clean. The added benefit is that it cleans the entire area to prevent further problems in the not-too-distant future.


What happens if the pipe is damaged and needs replacing? Well we can recommend relining and in the Rushcutters Bay area we are the ones to trust for the best possible result.

Imagine creating a pipe in a pipe – this is how relining works – it is effective, long lasting and an efficient way to fix what used to be a serious problem.


You can rely on us 100% from the moment you contact us. Our professionalism and dedication to the job is obvious from the outset and you can be confident we won’t let you down.

Our professional pipe relining services are available in the Rushcutters Bay area so give us a call on
0421 637 410 or send through an online enquiry and we will get back to you as soon as we are able.