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Pipe Relining in Wollstonecraft


Platinum Pipe Relining



For a trench less solution to a major pipe problem we provide professional pipe relining services in and around Wollstonecraft.


So when a cracked a damaged pipe is discovered there is no need to panic about gardens being ruined and driveways having to be destroyed because relining is the most practical and long term solution.


And if you're in the Wollstonecraft area call us when you first discover a blockage because we have all the latest gear to take a job from start to finish. Even if there is no damage, we can flush obstacles and debris away using our high pressure water jetter. That's after our CCTV shows us and you actual footage of the blockage.

If we find you do need a repair then pipe relining is the best option for your Wollstonecraft property.


We use a resin that starts off flexible. This allows us to mould it to the inside of the pipe to create a new one in the old and all. And the best news is that all the work is done from above the ground so there little or no mess. And once in place the resin becomes hard and more durable than PVC. An excellent solution and far less of a headache than digging up and replacing.


A call to us won't be regretted. We are proud of our work ethic and always aim to arrive at the agreed time and not leave you wondering where we are. We charge fairly and competitively for an extremely professional job. We are easy to deal with and always strive for 100% satisfaction.


Thinking of pipe relining and are in the Wollstonecraft district?

Phone us on 0421 637 410 or if you prefer to contact us via email you can use the above form and hit submit.