ISSUE 16 - July/Aug 2015



• New hot water heater

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• The No-Touch Flush

• Caroma's New Range


• The Future of Plumbing

• New Apprentice Grants

• A Legionella Warning

• QLD Water Meter laws

• Australian WaterMark

• Gas Hot Water in NSW

• QLD master plumbers

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• Australian Standards


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New Rheem hot water heater

Rheem Australia has added to its Stellar electric range with the addition of a new 50L stainless steel hot water heater.

It combines high thermal efficiency with the performance of a stainless steel cylinder and weighs just 17kg - 12kg lighter than the 50L vitreous enamel model.


Ben Murphy, Rheem’s Group Manager – Electric & Heat Pump says:
"Generally 50L systems are installed into cupboards where space is an issue, so being lightweight and compact makes the new Stellar 50L model easier to position and manoeuvre."


Key features include:

• A high-temp 80°C thermostat which provides up to an additional 2½ minutes of showering time compared with a 50L vitreous enamel product.

• Reduces energy use through better insulation in the tank.

• Stainless steel cylinder and water fittings which resist corrosion for longer and extend the product life.

• Come with a 10-year cylinder warranty - at least three years longer than every 50L vitreous enamel model on the market.

• No anode, which reduces servicing and maintenance costs.

• Dual handed fittings on the front of the water heater, which has mains pressure at multiple taps.


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