ISSUE 16 - July/Aug 2015



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• The No-Touch Flush

• Caroma's New Range


• The Future of Plumbing

• New Apprentice Grants

• A Legionella Warning

• QLD Water Meter laws

• Australian WaterMark

• Gas Hot Water in NSW

• QLD master plumbers

• QLD industry awards

• Australian Standards


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Queensland Leads the Way in Water Meter Legislation

New legislation passed by the Queensland Government in June makes it the only state in Australia where you must employ a licensed plumber to install a water meter.


It's a change both the Master Plumbers’ Association of Queensland and the Plumbers Union of Queensland have been pushing for since the previous Government introduced legislative changes last year to allow unlicensed people to install, maintain and replace water meters.


According to MPAQ Executive Director Penny Cornah, the water meter debate should be focussed on protecting the health and safety of every Queenslander.


“Plumbing is a licensed trade for the right reasons, we need only point out the legionella outbreak at the Hervey Bay Hospital, Wesley Hospital, the Hong Kong SARS outbreak, cholera, typhoid and many other occurrences of disease outbreak that directly result from poorly installed or maintained plumbing and drainage systems,” she said.

The Queensland Government also recently passed a 25 per cent payroll tax rebate for businesses that employ new apprentices or trainees.


It will be offered over three years on wages paid by an employer to apprentices and trainees.

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