ISSUE 16 - July/Aug 2015



• New hot water heater

• REMS Mini-Press

• The No-Touch Flush

• Caroma's New Range


• The Future of Plumbing

• New Apprentice Grants

• A Legionella Warning

• QLD Water Meter laws

• Australian WaterMark

• Gas Hot Water in NSW

• QLD master plumbers

• QLD industry awards

• Australian Standards


• What we've been up to


• This month's joke





Rinnai Partners with the MPAQ

When we call a plumber it's important to know they are fully licensed and accredited to carry out plumbing work to the highest Australian Standard.


That is what you get when you employ a Master Plumber and is why Rinnai has partnered with the Master Plumbers’ Association of Queensland to raise awareness about the importance of using a Master Plumber.


Gary Lemmon, State Sales Manager of Rinnai, believes this partnership allows them to promote ‘best practice’ across Queensland.


“Rinnai are always seeking to direct the consumer to the services of highly qualified, professional tradies who are committed to outstanding customer service and most importantly, those who will provide a quality installation service which meets industry best practice…..What better way to do this than support the MPAQ’s website.”