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ACTMPA Appoints new Executive Officer

The ACT Master Plumbers Association has a new Executive Officer.


Mr John Stephens was appointed to the position in mid January this year after the previous E.O decided to call it a day. John paid tribute to Janelle Thaller for the outstanding progress she was able to make in a male dominated industry.

John is no stranger to the ACTMPA. His association dates back to 1984 when the plumbing company he founded became a member. Positions held since then included President, Vice President, Treasurer and Chairman of the Master Plumbers of Australia. He is now no longer with the plumbing company, selling his shareholding in 2011.

When asked about some of his immediate priorities with the ACT Master Plumbers Association, John said that he would be working hard to make the position of the Executive Officer a full time role, finalise the relocation of the Association to more suitable premises, and continue to develop member services.


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