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Intergrated Stainless Steel Sliding Door Drains

Wett Solutions have released the URBAN Series stainless steel sliding door channel and grate.


The system provides an elegant and practical solution to threshold drainage for both domestic and commercial construction.

With its flexible design, the drainage system can be installed even if the inside and outside finished floor levels are different. The discrete design creates the sensation of enhanced space while eliminating trip hazards.

With the URBAN Series sliding door track, the bottom rail of any make of sliding door system can be encapsulated by the stainless steel trough which insures no
seepage of water under or around the sill for the length of the door.


The system accommodates a wide variety of sliding door applications - from a single sliding door up to any number of multi stacking door systems.

The grate can either be a stainless steel heelguard Linear, or a discrete tile inset.

The channel can be fitted with tile flanges for extra waterproofing options and additional spiggot outlets - depending on the amount of water that needs to be drained.

For more information about the URBAN Series stainless steel sliding door channel and grate, visit



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