ISSUE 2 - FEB/MAR 2013

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Get paid for helping consumers save energy

The Victorian Government has recently commenced the Victorian Energy Efficiency Target - also known as the VEET scheme.


The Victorian Government has an annual energy efficiency target which requires energy retailers to surrender an equivalent number of Victorian Energy Efficiency Certificates known as VEECs to match this target. 

VEECs are created when you invest and install in energy efficient activities such as:

• Replacing inefficient Electric Hot water Systems for Gas Systems
• Replacing inefficient Electric Space Heaters and air-conditioners with Gas Heating or Evaporative Coolers
• Replacing inefficient gas ductwork
• Installing ceiling and under floor insulation
• Replacing showerheads with low flow showerheads
• Replacing Inefficient commercial refrigeration, equipment and lighting.

For more information about how it works and how to register, visit


Have you set up a VEEC account?

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