ISSUE 11 - sept/oct 2014


• Singing in the Shower...

• Soft-Touch Tapware

• Rinnai INFINITY 26

• Pipe Core Pipe Lining

• STIEBEL hot water

• Zetco's new valves

• Safe New Tapware

• Flexy Flanges

• New Fit Off Tape

• Under Path Driver

• New PVC Thermal Foil


• QLD Conference

• New requirements for Sydney Water


• What we've been up to


• This month's joke




Flexy Flanges Cover Plates

Gone are the days when you need multiple cover plates in your van.



With the new Flexy Flanges from Aquarius it's a whole lot simpler.

The flexible centre of this cover plate stretches over both 40mm and 50mm pipes and sockets to provide a tight seal.


This results in a professional finish that is also insect proof.

So even if the pipe comes through at an angle, the multi-fit plate will flex to fit snugly.

The Flexy Flanges are available in the standard circular design or the NEW rectangular design.


More information is available at: