ISSUE 11 - sept/oct 2014


• Singing in the Shower...

• Soft-Touch Tapware

• Rinnai INFINITY 26

• Pipe Core Pipe Lining

• STIEBEL hot water

• Zetco's new valves

• Safe New Tapware

• Flexy Flanges

• New Fit Off Tape

• Under Path Driver

• New PVC Thermal Foil


• QLD Conference

• New requirements for Sydney Water


• What we've been up to


• This month's joke




New PVC Thermofoil vanity units

When renovating bathrooms and laundries it's important to know the latest products around so you can bring the best information to your customers.


Prodigg Signatures now has new space-saving units which not only look modern and sleek, but utilise the space effectively.


With its no-frills look, the PVC Thermofoil range is ideal for most bathroom settings.

The PVC finishing comes in many colours including white, white Oak and rose wood.

The units are easy to install as they are delivered pre-assembled.

They also come with a pop up drain.


For more information go to

Or call 1300 132 514.