ISSUE 11 - sept/oct 2014


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• Zetco's new valves

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• New PVC Thermal Foil


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• New requirements for Sydney Water


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Zetco's new range of WaterMarked DZR brass swing check valves

It is a legal requirement for plumbers to comply with AS 3500 and an integral part of this requirement is that products installed need to be certified under the watermark scheme.

However, because a watermarked product has not always been available, this has often presented plumbers with serious challenges.


Now Zetco has launched its new range of WaterMarked DZR brass swing check valves which compliment its existing range of watermarked spring check valves and y strainers.

The full range of sizes is available from 15 to 100mm.

They are manufactured in Italy and watermarked to AS1628.


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