ISSUE 11 - sept/oct 2014


• Singing in the Shower...

• Soft-Touch Tapware

• Rinnai INFINITY 26

• Pipe Core Pipe Lining

• STIEBEL hot water

• Zetco's new valves

• Safe New Tapware

• Flexy Flanges

• New Fit Off Tape

• Under Path Driver

• New PVC Thermal Foil


• QLD Conference

• New requirements for Sydney Water


• What we've been up to


• This month's joke




Plumtool Under Path Driver



When installing a service line and it needs to go under a path, it's much better for you and the customer if you don't have to cut through concrete.

The Plumtool Under Path Driver eliminates the need to dig so there are no additional labour and costs to repair the path.


The continuous 1.7m solid bar is much sturdier than previous models and is easy to use.

You simply slide the PVC Pipe over the bar and using a large sledge hammer, feed the driver through the trench.


You then remove the drive to leave the PVC pipe in place and feed the PEX pipe or wire through the 25mm PVC sleeve.


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