ISSUE 11 - sept/oct 2014


• Singing in the Shower...

• Soft-Touch Tapware

• Rinnai INFINITY 26

• Pipe Core Pipe Lining

• STIEBEL hot water

• Zetco's new valves

• Safe New Tapware

• Flexy Flanges

• New Fit Off Tape

• Under Path Driver

• New PVC Thermal Foil


• QLD Conference

• New requirements for Sydney Water


• What we've been up to


• This month's joke




New Pipe Core Pipe Lining

Pipe Core is a new supplier of quality pipe lining materials and equipment throughout Australasia.


Using quality German materials, Pipe Core supplies premium VFG pipe lining materials and equipment from its warehouse in South Melbourne, Victoria.

VFG is a German based company whose materials comply with ISO9001 and are approved by the German Institute for Building Technique.


Pipe Core Epoxy Resins and Silicate Resins, also imported from Germany, are chemically engineered for use in pipe lining and comply with the strict German Standards, which satisfy the most stringent Australian Standards.

These top quality materials will not break down when exposed to chemicals typically found in sewers, while the cured in place liner has the correct amount of flexibility and hardness to imitate PVC pipe.


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