ISSUE 15 - May/June 2015



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After the Storm...

With residents being advised to place plumbing checks at the top of the priority list (along with electrical work) following extreme weather like floods or cyclones, plumbers are being reminded about what they need to check.


The Master Plumbers’ Association of Queensland (MPAQ) President, Kelvin Slade says checking plumbing fixtures needs to be a priority after such events if disease and public health are to be safeguarded."


A licensed Master Plumber should check on:

• Septic overflows
• Silted drains
• Gas regulators and burners on appliances such as hot water systems, ovens and barbecues which could be wet and blocked with silt
• Gas bottles
• Backflow valves
• Recycled water systems, pools and other household pressure release points
• Downpipes connected to underground storm water drains that may be blocked with silt.
• Water tanks that have had flood water enter the tank