ISSUE 15 - May/June 2015



• Endless Solar

• Gas Hoses

• Split Solar

• Reporting Monitor


• Justifying your costs

• Plumbers wanted!

• After the storm

• Legionella testing

• Green Plumbers


• What we've been up to


• This month's joke





What's new at Ontime Plumber...

Mobile updates

The free mobile updates have been completed for all of our Ontime Plumber 'Found Local' web pages.
We have notified all of our clients to test the mobile sites, so make sure you do and let us know if you would like to make any changes.


If you have a website, but don't have a mobile version, you risk a ranking penalty in Google. If you would like us to create a mobile site, or if you have any questions about mobile sites, call us on 1300 846 221.


The 'all in one' website package

In the increasingly competitive online marketing game, it's no longer good enough to just load up any old website.


For online marketing to be effecive, your website needs to be optimised so it is found in Google in your service areas.

And it must also be mobile friendly, not only for user friendliness, but to compete in Google.


Our 'Professional Website package' is the perfect choice.


It's a comprehensive 8 page site including:

• Search Engine Optimisation

• FREE copywriting

• FREE domain name

• FREE Mobile Site

• $100 worth of Adwords